100 Transferable Skills to Make Your Resume More Appealing

Transferable skills are not specific job competencies, but rather they are general skills that can be transfer from one position to another to achieve success on the job.  When hiring, companies look for both job specific skills and transferable skills to determine candidates’ fit and suitability for their jobs.  Some very important transferable skills (also known as personal attributes, special skills, aptitudes, or personality traits) include drive, communication, interpersonal, organizational, analytical, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, negotiation, influencing, initiative, motivation, reliability, fair and ethical decision making, empathy, leadership, time management, flexibility, attention to detail, multi-tasking, planning, coordinating, respect and integrity.  Through our research we have found that many large employers use competencies (or transferable skills) such as Accountability, Results Oriented, Communication, Initiative, Customer Oriented, Analytical Thinking, Impact & Influence, Interpersonal Relations, Teamwork, Business Awareness, Conceptual Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Integrity.  As you can see transferable skills are very important to employers so ensure you build them into your resume for maximum result.

This 100 Transferable Resume Phrases has been created to help you better market your skills and abilities to employers.  After carefully reviewing thousands of employer job descriptions, we have selected the most sought after work related skills and abilities.  Select the ones that are relevant to your experience and include them in your resume, editing and deleting as appropriate.

100 Transferable Skills for Your Resume

  1. Ability to multi-task in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment
  2. Ability to research information and gather business intelligence
  3. Ability to anticipate future problems
  4. Ability to take action to solve issues before they occur
  5. Ability to assess situations
  6. Ability to formulate new ideas
  7. Ability to develop practical strategies
  8. Ability to follow direction and work well without supervision
  9. Ability to work effective within a team
  10. Ability to provide solutions to problems
  11. Ability to multi-tasks effectively
  12. Ability to excel within a fast-paced environment
  13. Ability to work effectively within high volume transactional environment
  14. Ability to process information quickly and accurately
  15. Ability to learn and apply new skills quickly
  16. Ability to implement business plans and strategies
  17. Ability to achieve established targets
  18. Ability to set and achieve performance goals
  19. Ability to initiate group discussions to generate ideas
  20. Ability to investigate problems or disputes and come up with amicable outcomes
  21. Ability manage operations effectively
  22. Ability to manage budget effective
  23. Ability to resolve problems to both company and client satisfaction
  24. Ability to devise practical solutions to solve business issues
  25. Ability to handle challenges well
  26. Ability  to evaluate information and make decisions
  27. Ability to take initiative to solve a problem
  28. Ability to get the job done on time and in the most effective manner
  29. Ability to set and attain goals
  30. Ability to achieve sales targets
  31. Ability to effectively execute sales process and monitor cycle
  32. Ability to build alliances
  33. Ability to influence people
  34. Ability to contribute to company success
  35. Ability to exceed expectations
  36. Ability to meet and/or surpass targets
  37. Ability to generate results
  38. Ability to work in challenging environment
  39. Ability to leverage relationships
  40. Ability to maximize profitability
  41. Ability to take actions to rectify a problem
  42. Ability to solve problems/issues to best of ability
  43. Ability to automate processes to improve efficiencies
  44. Ability to head business units to achieve desired results
  45. Ability to build solid working relationships
  46. Ability to produce results
  47. Ability to provide guidance
  48. Ability to recruit top sales talent
  49. Ability to set clear and concise goals
  50. Ability to motivate staff to achieve goals
  51. Ability to apply fair and consistent decisions
  52. Ability to re-engineering processes to improve performance
  53. Ability to empower sales teams to achieve established targets
  54. Ability to develop high ROI presentations
  55. Ability to effectively get the message across the room
  56. Ability to negotiate and close deals
  57. Ability to streamline sales methods and processes to improve efficiency
  58. Ability to actively monitor customer service activities
  59. Ability to take remedial actions as required to meet fiscal objectives
  60. Ability to deal with rejections well
  61. Ability to get consensus to move sales or a project forward
  62. Ability to communicate ideas clearly and effectively
  63. Ability to listen to understand and learn
  64. Ability to write/develop clear and concise communications
  65. Ability to think critically and act rationally to assess situations, solve problems and make decisions
  66. Ability to use business technology, tools and information systems effectively
  67. Ability to establish goals and priorities in both work and personal life
  68. Ability to plan and manage time effectively
  69. Ability to champion customers’ issues and recommend practical solutions
  70. Ability to take accountability for actions taken
  71. Ability to access situations and recommend new ideas to get the job done
  72. Ability to work effectively within a team and contribute to company goals
  73. Ability to drive business performance
  74. Ability to lead and mobilize a team to achieve high performance
  75. Ability to evaluate own work and monitor progress
  76. Ability to deal with crisis situations effectively
  77. Ability to administer fair and sound judgment
  78. Ability to evaluate situations and provide amicable solutions
  79. Ability to manage time efficiently
  80. Ability to manage changing or conflicting priorities
  81. Ability to respond to crisis situations calmly and effectively
  82. Ability to identify and perform tasks based on business priorities
  83. Ability to communicate technological information clearly and concisely
  84. Ability to develop strong working relationships and communicate effectively with internal and external clients
  85. Ability to establish priorities and meet tight deadlines
  86. Ability to multi-task and work on various projects at the same time and under tight deadlines
  87. Ability to leverage industry knowledge and client relationships to generate new business leads
  88. Ability to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes
  89. Ability to foresee problems and take actions to eliminate risks
  90. Ability to develop dynamic presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and Illustrator
  91. Ability to work within an interdisciplinary team and adapt to change readily
  92. Ability to take initiative and ownership of issues through to resolution
  93. Ability to deliver persuasive presentations
  94. Ability to drive multiple initiatives concurrently
  95. Ability to apply knowledge, skills, tools and experience to daily work activities to achieve goals
  96. Ability to work successfully with limited supervision
  97. Ability to be empathetic to customers issues and to remain professional under difficult situations
  98. Ability build and lead high performing teams
  99. Ability to motivate account executives to achieve sales quotas
  100. Ability to identify potential risks

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