Client Testimonials (Verbatim)

  • You did a great job on the new “me”.  I feel confident now going into an interview having the resume to back me up. I am optimistic now about my job prospects.  Once I land on my feet I will for sure be in touch.  Until then, take care.

    Nicole K.
  • I just had a brief glance at my resume and am pleased to say you have made me look really good! It's crazy to see how well you summarized my life's work.  You have a wonderful talent. Thanks so much and once I have time to look more closely to see if it needs any tweaking I'll let you know.

    Sarah T.
  • The resume looks fantastic!!! Wow! I’ll take a closer look and advise of any changes but honestly, it looks really great and represents my background well.

    Donna M.
  • I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how the job search is going. I've gotten several positive feedback on the resume and had 3 interviews. I believe I closed the last one, but still waiting to hear from RBC.

    Sunil H.
  • I am still quite dazzled with my resume. I have read it a few times now and every time I do, my head gets bigger 😉 It is just wonderful to have my life's work summarized like that. Thank you again!

    Glenn S.

About C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) & Resume

The term C.V., curriculum vitae, and resume are used interchangeably by both job seekers and hiring managers/employers across the globe, although they are uniquely different.  The C.V. is mostly used for academic and scientific/research related positions and is much longer in length as it includes conferences, publications, presentations, affiliations, etc.  A resume is typically shorter in length and includes only information that is relevant to a particular position or a career area of interest; for example, accounting, civil engineering or nursing.  However, with the advent of resume screening technology, online application/resume submission processes and resume housing databases; employers are now allowing job candidates to upload a resume with 5 or even more pages.  One such employer is the Ontario Government; Ontario Public Service Careers.

A CV is a detail record of your academic achievements and credentials and is used in academic/research-related job searches; while a resume is used in business and other types of employment searches and focuses on a particular career field.  A resume can be up to 5 pages in length, while a CV can be 10 or more pages in length.  To generate employer interest and job interviews, your resume should be targeted to a specific position or a particular profession/career field.

A C.V. is generally used when applying for:

  • Academic positions
  • Employment with International organizations
  • Graduate Schools
  • Academic scholarship or grant


A Resume is used when applying for:

  • Positions in business, government or NGO/non-profit organizations
  • Positions across all career levels: from entry level to CEOs (C-Levels)
  • Any non-academic/scholarly positions


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