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Resume and CV Writing for International Professionals

We are a globally-recognized, Professional Resume Writing Company, specializing in all aspects of Resume Writing, Career Consulting and Personal Branding Strategy.  Services offered on this Section of our website are for internationally-trained professionals in all industries and across career levels—from entry level to senior executive.  Our certified resume writers and career strategists work with clients from all over the world, particularly from Europe, the Middle East, China, India, Australia, the U.K and Africa to translate their CVs (curriculum vitae) into North American resume standard and format that is appropriate for both the U.S. and Canadian job markets.

A Note About Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CVs are not appropriate for the North American job market for several reasons—they are lengthy, generic in content (lack job focus) and most start with personal information (date and place of birth, marital status, ethnicity, etc.) and include education and other information that is unrelated to the target position. In other words, the most important page of your CV (the first page) contains information that is irrelevant to potential employers thus, defeating the purpose of grabbing their attention and generating job interviews.  Moreover, you should know what to include and what not to include in your resume in order to best represent your credentials, experience and employability to hiring managers.  Your personal life for example, whether you are married or an older job worker should not affect your ability to do the job.  Don’t provide companies more insight into your personal life than is necessary to give them a reason to toss your CV aside and move on to the next candidate.  Instead, highlight your professional experience in a compelling manner to show the hiring manager or recruiter why you are a great fit for the job.  As well, ensure that you incorporate relevant keywords, resume phrases and job specific terminologies to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems, database searches and online resume screening software.  As SEO concept (Search Engine Optimization) may be new to you, do some research on how to optimize your CV/resume for these systems to maximize job interviews.

If you are seeking a position in the U.S. or Canada, then let us translate your curriculum vitae into a compelling resume that best demonstrates your professional experience to leading North American employers.  CallCall us for a free consultation or email your CV for a free assessment.

Resume Writing Pricing and Packages for International / Global Clients

Resumes and CVs for Internationally-Trained Professionals

Resumes for Middle-Career ProfessionalsSee Pricing and Package

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